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Hi there! I'm Alexandra Osuna, and I've had an exciting and fulfilling journey so far. With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in Computer Information Systems, I've been working as a software engineer for 27 years. It's a field that has always fascinated me, and I feel fortunate to have built a successful career in it.

Music has been my lifelong passion. I've been playing the drums for 33 years, and along with singing and playing guitar, I'm currently an active member of a rock band. I've had the incredible opportunity to tour around the country with several bands in the past. Music has always been my creative outlet and a source of fulfillment in my life.

Aside from my professional and musical endeavors, I have dedicated myself to education and parenting. As a Classical Conversations Co-op tutor for 5 years, I have nurtured the growth of young minds and fostered a love for learning. Additionally, I have embraced the role of a homeschool mom, drawing from my experiences raising my own 10-year-old son, who has an ADHD type brain. It is through my understanding of his unique needs and learning style, that I created IdeaForge Academy camps, with the aim of engaging children who may think and learn differently. These camps are designed to provide a supportive and enriching environment where every child can flourish.

In my spare time, I also enjoy being a part-time Poshmark online clothing reseller, utilizing my skills in marketing and office management. Furthermore, I serve as the marketing and office manager for Hill Family Flooring, contributing to the company's growth and success.

Born in Puerto Rico, I am a fluent Spanish speaker and take pride in my multicultural heritage. It has not only shaped my identity but also allowed me to connect with diverse communities.

Through my experiences and insights, I strive to make a positive impact on the lives of others, particularly children who may learn and think differently. With IdeaForge Academy camps, I provide a space for their unique talents and abilities to shine, fostering a love for learning in a nurturing environment.


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