World Leaders of Today

Mon June 19th & July 24th

$45 Single Day Camp – 10AM-3PM

$125 – SESSION 1 – June 19th-21st – 3 days M-W 10AM-3PM
$125 – SESSION 3 – July 24th-26th – 3 days M-W 10AM-3PM

(Session 3 has different activities with the same theme)

Other themes for Tues & Wed:

Journey Through Science Inventors & Entrepreneurs


Our leadership-themed camp delves into the qualities that make a good leader. Throughout our program, we will explore various leaders from different spheres of life, ranging from friends and family to community, government, business, religious, creative, and historical figures. Through engaging discussions, interactive activities, and thought-provoking exercises, participants will gain valuable insights into the characteristics that define effective leadership.

Participants will learn the importance of:

communication, empathy, integrity, and resilience in effective leadership. By examining the successes and failures of different leaders, we will encourage critical thinking and the development of analytical skills.

Some of the leaders we may discuss:

  • Sophie Germain
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Florence Nightengale
  • John F Kennedy
  • Mother Teresa
  • Dolly Parton
  • George Washington
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Jesus (from a historical perspective)
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Richard Branson
  • & More!

Our program will also delve into the historical context of leadership, examining the lives and accomplishments of prominent figures who have shaped our world. By studying their leadership styles, participants will gain insights into timeless leadership principles and explore how these can be applied to their own lives.

In addition to the structured activities, the camp will provide opportunities for participants to interact with guest speakers, who may include community leaders, business executives, or individuals who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. These interactions will provide real-world perspectives and inspire participants to become agents of change in their own communities.

At the end of the camp, participants will not only have a deeper understanding of the characteristics that make a good leader but will also have developed practical skills and gained confidence in their own leadership abilities. They will leave with a strong foundation for personal growth and a heightened awareness of the positive impact they can make on the world around them.

Activities for the day:

  • Self-defense, Judo, and Karate
  • Community service driven project
  • Community guest speaker Wanda Williams from Nonprofit for Antiviolence against ADHD / Autistic Teens
  • and Astra Nova (Elon Musk’s School) teamed up to create Conundrums!

    This learning series with activities introduces the challenging idea that not all problems have a clear right answer. Students will work together on each episode that is carefully designed to develop problem solving, dialectical, and critical thinking skills.

    • Students will present their findings and thoughts via the following ways to their peers:
      • Discussion / debate
      • Art and drawings
      • Journaling / typing / writing
      • Role-playing
      • Video / voice recording / pictures
      • Comic book format
      • Build / create a project
  • Cooking – students will prepare their own lunch
  • Music
    • Play in your own band, we will have a full band setup complete with drum set, guitars, bass guitar, keyboard, drum machine, mics
    • Collaborate with others to write a song, think of melodies, song themes
    • Dress up and perform your song for others!
    • Campers will have audio and video taken of the performance that they can take home
  • Outdoor activities, soccer, tug-a-war, relay races, water balloon and super soaker war for teams / territories
  • Nature hike and student-led geocaching retrieval treasure hunt
  • Build, design and launch several different types of rockets
This theme was created to foster and help the children learn the following skills:
  • Social & Emotional:

    • Confidence, leadership, self-discipline, physical fitness. Working together in teams and solving problems through healthy dialectical debates. Responsible decision-making, self-awareness, relationship skills, self-management, social awareness.
  • Educational:

    • Trivium: Logic and rhetoric are used as students debate the characteristics of leaders. Logic, grammar, and rhetoric are used as students debate the problems and present solutions. Math and science are utilized as well.
    • Quadrivium: Social sciences, arts, humanities, and history are discussed as students think about leaders in these areas.

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