Investigation Nation

Tues June 27th & Aug 1st

$45 Single Day Camp – 10AM-3PM

$125 – SESSION 2 – June 26th-28th – 3 days M-W 10AM-3PM
$125 – SESSION 4 – July 31th-Aug 2nd – 3 days M-W 10AM-3PM

(Session 4 has different activities with the same theme)

Other themes for Mon & Wed:

Survival Island Build a Business

Investigation Nation: Hands-on Learning for Investigative Skills

Investigation Nation is an exciting day camp that offers students a hands-on learning experience focused on developing investigative skills. With a captivating crime-solving theme, participants are tasked with finding clues, interviewing individuals, practicing fingerprinting, analyzing data, and conducting STEM experiments to uncover the suspect behind a committed crime. Additionally, students will learn about the legal system, investigations, and various government and private organizations involved in investigative work.

Campers will immerse themselves in an engaging and interactive environment. They will receive a personal investigation folder containing case information, clues, and resources.

Through research and critical thinking, participants will explore the crime scene, gather evidence, and connect the dots to identify the suspect.

The camp will provide hands-on opportunities to develop essential investigative techniques. Students will learn and practice fingerprinting, acquiring skills in proper fingerprint collection, identification, and comparison. By analyzing fingerprints, campers will contribute to building a comprehensive case file.

Data analysis will be another integral part of the camp curriculum. Campers will learn how to interpret and draw conclusions from different types of data, such as witness statements, surveillance footage, and forensic reports. They will apply analytical thinking to solve puzzles, decode messages, and analyze patterns, strengthening their investigative abilities.

In addition to crime-solving activities, Investigation Nation will introduce students to the legal system and various organizations involved in investigations. They will gain insight into the roles of law enforcement agencies, such as the CIA, FBI, and other public or private investigative entities. Campers will learn about the importance of ethics, confidentiality, and respecting the rights of individuals throughout the investigative process.

STEM experiments will be integrated into the camp’s curriculum, emphasizing the scientific principles and techniques used in forensic investigations. Campers will engage in experiments related to DNA analysis, fingerprint development, trace evidence examination, and more. These experiments will not only enhance their scientific knowledge but also provide practical insights into the scientific methods used in real-life investigations.

Investigation Nation fosters teamwork and collaboration among participants. Students will work together in teams to gather evidence, analyze information, and develop theories about the crime. Through effective communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving, they will learn the importance of collaboration in solving complex challenges.

Join us at Investigation Nation, where students will embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of investigations. Through hands-on learning, engaging activities, and immersive experiences, they will develop crucial investigative skills, scientific knowledge, and a deeper understanding of the legal system and the organizations involved in the field. Get ready to put on your detective hats and become part of an elite team of investigators!

Additional activities for the day:

  • Self-defense, Judo, and Karate
  • Outdoor activities, soccer, tug-a-war, relay races, water balloon and super soaker war for teams / territories
  • Nature hike, free outside play
  • Cooking – students will prepare their own lunch
This theme was created to foster and help the children learn the following skills:
  • Social & Emotional:

    • Confidence, leadership, self-discipline, physical fitness. Working together in teams and solving problems through healthy dialectical debates. Responsible decision-making, self-awareness, relationship skills, self-management, social awareness.
  • Educational:

    • Trivium: Logic and rhetoric are used as students solve the crime and discuss with their peers. Logic, grammar, and rhetoric are used as students debate the problems and present solutions. Math and science are utilized as well.
    • Quadrivium: Social sciences, arts, humanities, and history are discussed as students think about these subject areas.

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