Survival Island

Mon June 26th & July 31st

$45 Single Day Camp – 10AM-3PM

$125 – SESSION 2 – June 26th-28th – 3 days M-W 10AM-3PM
$125 – SESSION 4 – July 31th-Aug 2nd – 3 days M-W 10AM-3PM

(Session 3 has different activities with the same theme)

Other themes for Tues & Wed:

Investigation Nation Build a Business

Survival Island: Hands-on Learning for Essential Survival Skills

Survival Island immerses students in an interactive learning experience focused on essential survival skills. The camp’s theme revolves around a simulated catastrophe where participants must learn to survive until society stabilizes. Through hands-on activities, students will acquire knowledge and practical skills such as setting up tents, overcoming survival challenges, gathering supplies, fire-making, water purification, and understanding valuable items for bartering.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, campers will embark on an adventure that emphasizes the importance of preparation, adaptability, and resourcefulness in challenging situations. Through the process of pitching different-sized tents, and basic shelter making, participants will learn the fundamentals of shelter construction and gain an understanding of the role it plays in their overall survival.

Survival challenges will put campers’ problem-solving abilities to the test. These challenges will require them to gather the appropriate supplies and provisions necessary for the designated period of survival. Campers will learn the art of strategic planning, resource allocation, and decision-making in order to effectively overcome these challenges.

Another crucial skill covered in the camp is fire-making. Students will be taught various techniques to start fires using natural materials, including friction methods and fire-starting tools. They will gain hands-on experience in fire-building and learn about the importance of fire for warmth, cooking, and signaling for rescue.

Water purification is an essential skill for survival, and campers will be introduced to different methods of filtering and purifying water to make it safe for consumption. They will learn about identifying clean water sources, constructing makeshift filters, and employing purification techniques to ensure their hydration needs are met.

Understanding the value of items for bartering is a key component of survival in a post-catastrophe scenario. Campers will learn about the significance of certain items, such as food, tools, and medical supplies, and how to negotiate and trade effectively. Through interactive exercises, they will gain insights into the principles of bartering and the importance of assessing needs and priorities in a survival context.

Survival Island provides a unique and engaging educational experience, where students can develop essential survival skills in a safe and controlled environment. By participating in hands-on learning, campers will acquire practical knowledge, build resilience, and cultivate a sense of self-reliance that can be applied in various real-world situations.

Come join us on Survival Island and embark on an unforgettable adventure where you will learn to thrive in challenging circumstances and become a confident survivor ready to face any obstacle.

Other activities for the day:

  • Cooking – students will prepare their own lunch
  • Outdoor activities, soccer, tug-a-war, relay races, water balloon and super soaker war for teams / territories
This theme was created to foster and help the children learn the following skills:
  • Social & Emotional:

    • Confidence, leadership, self-discipline, physical fitness. Working together in teams and solving problems through healthy dialectical debates. Responsible decision-making, self-awareness, relationship skills, self-management, social awareness.
  • Educational:

    • Trivium: Logic and rhetoric are used as students debate and plan with fellow campers. Logic, grammar, and rhetoric are used as students debate the problems and present solutions. Math and science are utilized as well.
    • Quadrivium: Social sciences, arts, humanities, and history are discussed as students think about solutions to the problems in these areas.

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