Build a Business

Wed June 28th & Aug 2st

$45 Single Day Camp – 10AM-3PM

$125 – SESSION 2 – June 26th-28th – 3 days M-W 10AM-3PM
$125 – SESSION 4 – July 31th-Aug 2nd – 3 days M-W 10AM-3PM

(Session 4 has different activities with the same theme)

Other themes for Mon & Tues:

Survival Island Investigation Nation

Build a Business: Hands-on Inquiry-based Learning for Financial Success in the Future!

Build a Business is an innovative day camp designed to provide students with hands-on learning experiences in creating their own businesses. Participants will explore the step-by-step process of transforming an idea into a profit or non-profit venture. From idea generation and decision-making to presentation skills, art direction, and business planning, campers will work collaboratively in teams to bring their business concepts to life. The camp culminates in a marketplace where students showcase their businesses, exchange goods, and utilize a unique currency called ideaForge bucks for transactions and prizes.

Throughout the camp, aspiring young entrepreneurs will engage in interactive sessions, workshops, and activities that promote creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Students will be encouraged to think outside the box, identify market gaps, and develop unique business ideas that cater to their passions and interests.

Campers will learn about the importance of evaluating the viability and profitability of their business ideas. Through guided discussions and mentorship, students will gain a deeper understanding of the social, environmental, and financial aspects of their business concept.

To effectively communicate their business ideas, participants will learn presentation skills, including effective storytelling, visual design, and persuasive techniques. They will refine their pitch decks, create compelling marketing materials, and learn art direction principles to visually represent their brand and products.

Business planning is a crucial aspect of entrepreneurship, and students will develop the necessary skills to create a comprehensive business plan. They will learn about market research, target audience identification, pricing strategies, and financial forecasting. Through hands-on exercises, participants will refine their business plans, considering factors such as cost management, revenue streams, and scalability.
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Why do we need money?
  • Why is it important to save money?
  • Why is it important to spend wisely?
  • What are ways of making money?
  • Lines of Inquiry:
  • The importance of spending and saving wisely.
  • How forms of exchange of evolved over time.
  • Earning an income.
  • The importance of having an income.

The camp’s highlight is the marketplace, where students bring their businesses to life and interact with one another. Campers will set up booths, showcasing their products or services, and engage in real transactions. The ideaForge bucks currency will be used for exchanges, creating a dynamic and immersive marketplace experience. Students can accumulate ideaForge bucks throughout the camp and later redeem them for exciting prizes.

Build a Business camp fosters teamwork, collaboration, and networking among participants. Students will work in teams and groups, combining their unique strengths and talents to create successful businesses. They will engage in activities that promote effective communication, problem-solving, and mutual support, reflecting the collaborative nature of the business world.

Join us at Build a Business, where young entrepreneurs can unleash their creativity, acquire valuable business skills, and experience the thrill of creating and running their own ventures. Through hands-on learning, marketplace interactions, and the ideaForge bucks currency system, campers will develop a passion for entrepreneurship and gain practical knowledge that can be applied beyond the camp experience. Get ready to turn your dreams into reality and build a business from the ground up!

Additional activities for the day:

  • Self-defense, Judo, and Karate
  • Outdoor activities, soccer, tug-a-war, relay races, water balloon and super soaker war for teams / territories
  • Nature hike, free outside play
  • Cooking – students will prepare their own lunch
This theme was created to foster and help the children learn the following skills:
  • Social & Emotional:

    • Confidence, leadership, self-discipline, physical fitness. Working together in teams and solving problems through healthy dialectical debates. Responsible decision-making, self-awareness, relationship skills, self-management, social awareness.
  • Educational:

    • Trivium: Logic and rhetoric are used as students build their businesses with their peers. Logic, grammar, and rhetoric are used as students present business ideas and solutions. Math and science are utilized as well.
    • Quadrivium: Social sciences, arts, humanities, and history are discussed as students think about these subject areas.

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