Web Development 4/24/13

CSS Introduction (w3schools.com)



Web Development 4/10/13

Simple Navigation Bar with HTML / CSS


Background Image Code





Web Development 3/20/24

Add a form to your website, copy an existing page and go to file -> then save as and name it form.htm

Your first form – Learn web development | MDN (mozilla.org)

AI, Robotics, Engineering, Architecture & Design – 1/3/23

Model Ideas

Build-Your-City-Model.pdf (kxcdn.com)

City Model Rubic:

2023_2024-FC-Handbook-City-Model-Rubric.pdf (kxcdn.com)

FutureCity Project – handbook with all info – 2023_2024-FC-Handbook-final-verison.pdf (kxcdn.com)

Max & Erich – landscape, mountains, background, sky, rivers, lakes, etc

Erich – zones, help with planning where different areas are going to be including electrical system

Aaron – people, roads, city spaces / entertainment

Gabriella, Eliana, Emma – Infrastructure, buildings, houses

Serena – Transportation, hospitals, schools

Carter – power arc reactor and electrical system, work with erich, ethan, and brandon as well

Dylan – Stop signs, trees, bushes, work with aaron he is making people and green spaces / parks

Brandon – moving mechanism elevator or other innovative moving part

Ethan – work with Erich, Brandon and Carter, power lines, show how electricity is getting to houses and buildings

Sample Essays

Future-City-Competition-Sample-City-Essays-2022.pdf (kxcdn.com)

  1. Essay: Guidelines FC-2023_2024-Hanbook-City-Essay-Rubric.pdf (kxcdn.com)
    1. Introduce City and Define
      the Problem (24 Points)

      1. City Basics – Max
      2. Ciy Life – Aaron
      3. Infrastructure – Gabriella / Eliana
      4. City Services – Serena
      5. City Innovation and Futuristic Elements Emma
      6. Describe the impact producing power had on the city and residents before it went electric. Dylan
    2. Electric Solution (20 points)
      1. Identifies power source(s) for generating electricity. Erich
      2. Innovative & Futuristic Example One: Eliana
      3. Innovative & Futuristic Example Two: Carter
      4. Risks, trade-offs, & compromises of electric solution. Brandon
      5. Engineering disciplines involved and roles of engineers: Ethan
      6. Organization & Writing:  Gabriella
      7. Grammar & Spelling: Dylan
      8. Graphics: Erich, Aaron
      9. References, & Word Count: Serena
        1. Works Cited Microsoft Word – FC_MLA_Reference_Format.doc (kxcdn.com)




Game Testing Form:

Game Development Obby Testing Form (google.com)

Create an obby with a spawn location that has no baseplate floor with at least 20 blocks and 3 obstacles. If you miss the block you will fall through the floor.

If your obby is completed and you have followed the instructions above then it is ready to be tested. It should be tested by at least two people. While you are testing you should be taking notes that you will explain to the game developer.




Science Project Ideas

200 Science Fair Project Ideas